BeeWeather Station Uptime and Data Status

 Latitude N 31° 43' 59"    Longitude W 86° 21' 16"    Elevation 420 ft

Station system up for 5 days.
Station system free memory 520/1023 MB (free/total).
This website uses Cumulus (1.9.4-b1079) for weather conditions reporting.
It was last started 5 days ago.

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
Thu, 09-Jul-2020 12:00am CDT
Cumulus realtime Current 0:00:04 Thu, 09-Jul-2020 12:00am CDT
Cumulus FTP NOT Current 0:05:25 > 0:05:15
Wed, 08-Jul-2020 11:55pm CDT
Cumulus weather data NOT Current 0:06:44 > 0:05:15
Wed, 08-Jul-2020 11:54pm CDT
Cumulus NOAA report Current 23:59:56 Wed, 08-Jul-2020 12:00am CDT