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The Davis VP2 weather station first came on line at the very end of May, 2013. It's first official month was July, 2013. A month later a UV sensor was added and we now have a soon-to-be install Solar sensor. The "realtime" data is collected every fifteen seconds while the historic data is updated every 6 minutes. What this more or less means is that a general updating is done every 6 minutes but current condition data is updated every few seconds. This produces a near "real time" display of current conditions. Besides reporting conditions on our own website in near real time we also report our data to Weather Underground, CWOP (Citizens Weather Observer Program),
PWS (Personal Weather Stations)
, and the Southeastern Weather Network.

The website utilizes Cumulus Weather Station Software to gather and process the data received from the VP2 station. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a tipping rain gauge, thermo-hydro sensor, UV sensor, and a soon to be installed solar sensor. The remote anemometer is situated 18' high which is lower than the 33' feet recommended, but we are on a large hill in an open field which is very good conditions and possibly negates any issues with the lower height...well, at least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!. :) The ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite) which houses the other sensors is mounted at 5' high which is optimal for humidity and temperature readings.

The signals from the sensors are processed by an onboard computer in the ISS and then transmitted wirelessly to the receving console located 200' away. The console processes the data received and forwards it on to a old Dell D610 laptop which hosts the Cumulus weather software that does more data processing. The Cumulus software then connects wirelessly to a router and ftps the information up to the webhost BeeWeather.com where even more online processing is done. It is amazing the path that the data from the spinning of the windcups takes before it arrives at your computer screen!

In January of 2014 a Logitech C920 webcam modded with a -2 diopter was installed remotely in Luverne as a outdoor weather cam.
The camera is mounted on the south side of Welch's Auto Supplies, Inc. and uses the company's internet connection to upload weather images every 30 seconds. The camera is pointed toward the southwest taking in a portion of the old Gulf Station and the block across the street from it with the scene basically centered on once was the old "Mitchell Supply" building. The town's old water tank can be seen in the background standing guard over the downtown area.

I also try to record, via photographs, weather events in the area. There is a link on the left of the webpage that will carry you to the "Photos and Videos". It's a work in progress...

Well, that's it for now...more later. For now, I'd like to give some due credit and thanks to some folks.

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Last, but in no way least, I'd like to thank Steve Loft at Sandaysoft.com for all the work that he's put into his great weather software Cumulus. His software does all the heavy lifting for the weather station...receiving and processing the incoming data from the ISS and then uploading it to BeeWeather.com and to other online reporting sites...it is an integral part of this weather station!!!

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