Station Records

Records began on 21 August 2021. Please note that the Highest Rain Rate was zeroed out and restarted in July 2018 due to a system anomoly. Here are the extremes that have been recorded.

Records Since 21 August 2021
Temperature / Humidity
Highest Temperature 102.1 °F
Lowest Temperature 13.5 °F
Lowest Wind Chill -1.0 °F
Highest Minimum 77.9 °F
Lowest Maximum 30.3 °F
Highest Rain Rate 82.29 in/hr
Highest Hourly Rainfall 2.54 in
Highest Daily Rainfall 6.61 in
Highest Monthly Rainfall 12.36 in December 2015
Highest Wind Gust 41.0 mph
Highest Wind Speed Average 20.2 mph
Lowest Barometer 29.171 inHg
Highest Barometer 1014.870 inHg